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Living with NIPPON -Master Craftsmanship-

Traditionally, Japanese enjoy four seasons and nature, that helps to sharpen senses and produce master craftsmanship, and such unique lifestyle is our proud heritage.
Every item at THE COVER NIPPON is based on Japanese local culture, tradition and custom, cordially made by craftsmen. The store will feature many luxury items, but also we would like to deal with simple items that reflect the techniques of Japanese craftsmen, and we aim to present the whole as a new concept of Japanese brand.
THE COVER NIPPON NEW YORK introduces real Japanese lifestyle towards the world.

日本人は古来、四季折々の自然の中で感性を磨き、それが「匠の技」を生み、美しい生活様式を築き上げてきました。THE COVER NIPPONの取り扱う衣食住の品々はどれも、日本各地の風土や風習が息づき、現代のつくり手の思いが込められたもの。高価な伝統工芸品だけでなく、美しき匠の技を集めた店そのものが新しい日本ブランドの形です。THE COVER NIPPON NEW YORKは、世界に向けて本当の日本のライフスタイルをご紹介します。
Blue in Green
8 Greene Street 2F, New York, NY 10013, USA
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